How To Recover Deleted Photos From iPhoto

Losing your personal files is really hard, when you come to know that the mistake is your own. It will be too late when you realize that you have accidentally press the delete button instead of other one and all of the sudden all photos from iPhoto will be lost. Well good news that it's quite easy to recover deleted photo from iPhoto. So how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto, if it accidentally get deleted or been corrupt for some reason like virus attack, improper download or moving the photo from one iPhoto library to other iPhoto library. This one question which is hovering on your mind all over the time when you come to the photo is not in the iPhoto library.

iPhoto Library or simply say it iPhoto stores all your photos and related information from your saved photo collection. It appear as a single icon which is know as “package” when you view the iPhoto library. When a photo is import to the iPhoto the they are actually copied into the library package by iPhoto, where iPhoto manage them with the library and track the position of the photo (Where they are). iPhoto library work as a self-contained unit, where all the related data even photo are stored on one library package. Which clearly means that a mac user can move, copy , or simply make backup. Basically the iPhoto hide all the details of iPhoto library from you, you are allowed to just use the iPhoto interface only to manage your photo. However still this iPhoto is not far from the problems, you can easily lose all your saved photo even get deleted and may encounter iPhoto library related issue. This is why you need to learn how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto.

It might be possible that you click the delete button instead of pressing any other key from the keyboard. It's a common mistake done once by every single computer user, however user often clear or delete the unnecessary files from the system either it's photo or any other files to free the space from useless elements. However in between by mistakenly user select some important photo which they don't want to delete and press the button. Well the good news is that the deleted items is moved to the Trash folder on your Mac system, from where you can easily recover iPhoto library. But what if you also delete or empty your Trash, in this case how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto or from the Trash.

The recovery method is distributed in two part one is Manually ( DO-IT-YOURSELF) and other part is Automatically. The manual step include recovery from Mac trash folder, then with the help of Time Machine, even you can Rebuild your iPhoto library to get all your photo back. But remember you must use the manual step wisely, one mistake can bring more trouble to the saved data. Which is why most experts recommend to follow Automatic recovery steps. The Automatic recovery steps conclude many useful tool, which will help you to recover deleted photos from iPhoto you can choose the best tool as per your requirements.

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Easy Manual Step To Recover Deleted Photos From iPhoto

Restore From The Trash :

  • From the Source list, select the Trash.
  • Select photo from the Trash folder.
  • Choose the photo and the click on the “Restore to Photo Library”.

Restore From the Time Machine :

  • From the Dock click on the Time Machine.
  • From the Time Machine backup, use the timeline to see the files.
  • Click on the search field to jump on the files.
  • Select the photo and then press the Space bar for the preview.
  • The finally click on the restore on the selected files to get it back.

Rebuilding the iPhoto library :

  • If the iPhoto is open then quit it.
  • Hold the Command and Option keys on the keyboard.
  • Open the iPhoto.
  • Hold the keys until you are not prompted to rebuild the library.
  • From the dialog box select the options you want to use.
  • Click Rebuild to begin the rebuild process. ( it take a few minutes to complete)

Automatic Tool To Recover Deleted Photos From iPhoto

Stellar Mac Data Recovery

If you are looking for the quick and easy solution to know how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto, then you might are right place. This Stellar Mac Data Recovery will make your Task very easy with it's enhanced user interface. This advance Photo recovery tool combined lots of feature which will help you to recover lost photo from your iPhoto library. The user friendly and enhanced scanning process will quickly scan the hard drive and have pure capacity to hold the scan upto 2 TB for files. This improved photo recovery software is embedded with lots of exciting feature which make it one of the best Photo Recovery Tools.

System Requirements

  • Processor : Intel
  • OS : macOS Sierra 10.12, 10.11, 10.10, 10.9,10.8,10.7 & 10.6
  • Memory : 1 GB Minimum
  • Hard Disk : 100 MB of Free Space

All New Features Of Stellar Mac Data Recovery

  • It allow user to view recover data in four different view :
    • Details view
    • Icon view
    • Cover Flow view
    • Thumbnail view
  • New feature is added which will previews the corrupted files in safe mode.
  • You can easily zoomed in and zoomed out the photos in the preview mode.
  • Display the time for recovery when the scanning process starts.
  • It is equipped with enhanced user interface to maximize user experience.

Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery

Accidental deletion of files like photos from iPhoto, and other kind of data like videos, audios and few more files format is often happen and also one of the most common error that Mac user repeat. In this case you need to learn how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto. In some they even don't realize that something important is deleted from their Mac system as well as from iPhoto Liabrary, when they got it tool late for them. But it's not late for the recovery and for the Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery, the recovery of your deleted files either it's your iPhoto, videos, audios is now possible and in very easy way. No matter what's the reason you have lost your personal data either it can be virus attack, accidental deletion or other, this Photo recovery tool will help you recover in very simple way. Check some advance feature which you will get after downloading this software.

System requirements

  • RAM : More then 1 GB
  • CPU : Intel Pentium 1GHz and above
  • Hard Disk Space : 200MB of free space for the application
  • Operating System : macOS Sierra, Mac OS X 10.11 EI Capitan, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.7, 10.6, 10.5, 10.4

All New Features Of Tenorshare Mac Data Recovery :

  • Allow you scan for the all kind of files.
  • Very simple user interface make it easy to use.
  • Recover files from all devices ( Mac ).
  • Recover the data which lost due to several reasons.
  • Support several data type like iPhoto, documents, videos, and others.
  • Support HFS+, EXT3 and NTFS, FAT files system based.

Remo Photo Mac Data Recovery

The best of pat of this Remo Photo Mac Data Recovery, is that you can recover all kind of photo format including iPhoto and other like JPG, PNG etc... It's is fully supported for kind of mac device and is very easy to use. This recovery tool is the answer of your question which is how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto. Apart from recovery photo from iPhoto this tool also support other files format like videos, Pdf, mails, documents, music, text and many more. You have learn that several reason is present where user can lost their saved data just by one click and having no idea how to recover it. For those user who want an immediate solution and quick action to recover lost data, the this software will be useful for them. The effective and user friendly interface make it very useful for user who come for first time.

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Mac OS X 10.5.x and above
  • RAM : 1 GB (Recommended, 2 GB RAM)
  • Free disk space : 50 MB (for installation)
  • Supports 32-bit, 64-bit Mac

All New Features Of Remo Photo Mac Data Recovery :

  • It recognizes the file names after recovery.
  • It will displays the recovered data in a Mac finder styled interface.
  • This tool is fully capable to scans entire storage media to recover different file formats.
  • Built-in special algorithms which locates and restores all deleted files.
  • Files from HFS+, FAT16, HFSX, and FAT32 partitions are supported.

MiniTool Mac Data Recovery

Most useful tool for Mac recovery. With very advance feature and user friendly interface you can easily operate it and overcome from you data loss issue. All the files are important either it's your Photos, videos or documents and losing one of it is big disaster for you. Well not anymore, this powerful MiniTool Mac Data Recovery is now more comprehensive and reliable to use for the data loss issues and you can easily understand that how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto. It cover all kind of data library like iPhoto library to recover photos, videos from video library, music/Audio from Music library. Is your data is deleted by you, or get lost due to virus attack or even the files is corrupted not opening on your system, this data recovery tool will help you throughout the recovery process.

System Requirements

  • OS: MAC OS X 10.5 and above
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Free disk space : 150 MB

All New Features Of MiniTool Mac Data Recovery :

  • The most reliable and comprehensive data recovery software.
  • This software is fast, secure and easy to use.
  • Comes with four different recovery functional modules.
  • It come with the data preview effect, allow user to preview recovered items.
  • With the “Advance Settings” and “Advance Filter” option you can save time.
  • It is fully flexible and accurate to use.

Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery

A complete DIY ( Do-It-Yourself ) data recovery software, which can easily recover the data if it is accidentally deleted, or files is missing, also if the files is damage or corrupted. It very easy to user and having number of useful feature to help you out in recovery process. By using wide range of proprietary recovery tools and enhanced techniques you can recover lost messages, contacts, music pictures from iPhoto library, and other type of files from all Apple devices. If you still stuck with the issue like how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto then you might need to try this software.

System Requirements

  • OS: MAC OS X 10.5 and above
  • RAM : 512 MB
  • Processor : Intel
  • Free disk space : 150 MB

All New Features Of Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery :

  • Ontrack Easy Mac Data Recovery is very easy to use.
  • It is acquired with plenty of advance features.
  • Provide list of the recovered items.
  • All you check the recovered item in preview mode.
  • Very fast and secure to use.

Download Software

TestDisk Mac Data Recovery

TestDisk Mac Data Recovery is powerful tool which is capable to recover all kind of data which get lost due to several reasons. This tool will cover all type data and give simple user interface to work on it. This tool is acquired with some new feature which make the recovery process very simple and secure. Whereas you can check the preview of your recovered data as it can make the recovery of your photos (Corrupted/Deleted) from iPhoto library. Thus with the help of this vart software you can easily fix the issue like how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto. Other Data like video, audio, documents, and many more file format are fully supported to this Advance data recovery tool. Therefore this is can be useful software for you if you are looking for the quick solution.

System Requirements

  • Operating System : Mac OS X 10.5.x and above
  • Free disk space : 50 MB

All New features Of TestDisk Mac Data Recovery :

  • This program Allows you to scan the system and provides detailed information.
  • Perfect Tool to restore all corrupt and overwritten photos.
  • Very simple to use, fast, and able to recover all files.
  • Fix partition table, recover deleted partition.
  • Compatible recovery from formatted or partitioned drive
  • It securely recovers data without issues.


Don't Get Confused In Choosing The Best Tool :

You have seen few easy manual methods and advance tool which give the answer to you question “how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto”. Mac OS is outstanding machine, with lost of features and ability to explore more. One application of Mac OS name iPhoto, which help the Mac user to manage the photo and detail information about it in iPhoto Library. A photo means everything, user mainly store their loved ones photos and their favorite on their system to share them to view them and many more stuffs. In this way if one important get delete for any reason then it's really hard for the user. Well not anymore the mentioned step will really help you to get the lost photo back.

If you still in confusion that how to recover deleted photos from iPhoto, the we can help you for sure to choose the best recovery tool for you. As most of the user share that they use Stellar Mac Data Recovery. The all-in-one powerful data recovery tool Stellar Mac Data Recovery can easily recover all you lost photo from iPhoto and from other part. The new enhanced tool is acquired with many features which is given below.

  • A new options is added which allow you to preview, add, and edit headers in files.
  • In safe mode you check the previews of Thumbnail and running of corrupt files .
  • Files can be checked or unchecked through space bar for recovery.
  • It fully supports Adobe EPS (Mac), three camera models of HD-MOV and MXF movies.
  • You can be zoomed in or out through slider you check the photo.
  • Total recovery time is displayed when scanning starts.
  • You can Resume your recovery process anytime.
  • It supports Unicode, Supports encrypted drives, Supports macOS Sierra.
  • It is now present in new and enhanced interface.

User Manual :

  • To proceed the recovery step click on “Recover Photo, Audio & Video” button.

  • Now select the desired drive or external media from the list which appear and then click on “Scan Now” button.

  • The the Stellar will search for your lost files from your selected drives.

  • After the scanning is completed, a list will appear from here you have to click on “Recover” button to recover the selected file.

Testimonials :


The tool really help for long time, the first time is use it when I lost my family vacation photo and from that day I really impressed with the work of this recovery software.



Good software and very simple and 100% safe to use. Lots of feature make it more easy and advance to use.



My 10 year Son have created a mess for me, he actually deleted my all personal folder. But thankfully I know about this recovery software, which help me to bring back my photos.



Very good product, I am lucky that I found it. Fully secure and effective to use.