How to recover deleted data form Mac hard drive?

Do you have a corrupt hard drive?

Are other Mac file recovery softwares failing to recover your data?

Did you or your friend accidentally deleted files from your computer?

Do you have a Virus corrupted data?

There are many reasons responsible for corrupting your data from your computer. It can be anything either your friend deleted your important file or a virus taken over your file. These reasons are common. But the question is how to get rid out of it, if such things happen when using Mac machine? The answer is pretty simple; we can download Mac hard drive recovery software to recover all the lost data files irrespective of their type and size.

Mac hard drive recovery software is an astonishing tool that recovers all your lost, formatted, deleted, un-mounted files in few seconds. Free Mac hard drive software is also available for the evaluation purpose; users can download it and try it. Recovers data from any hard drive either it is internal like “hard disk” or external like “Flash memory or ipod”. Compatible with both Intel based Mac machines or Power PC. The software includes two amazing and absolutely free Utilities for their users like: Disk Imaging, Boot DVD (Used to boot when the file system crashes or the OS boot failure occurs. This extraordinary software comes with a Life time EULA (End User License Agreement) for single users, Technician License, Admin License (educational), and Administrator License (corporate) unlike any other software.

Free Mac Hard Drive recovery software is available in five languages:

  • English
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Italian

Hardware Requirements for the software:

  • Processor : Intel Power PC (G4 or later)
  • Free Hard Disk space of 40MB.
  • Memory : A RAM of 256 MB or More